Wonky Hearts -


Wonky Hearts Class Requirements



This 42”x49” quilt features a scrappy 6”x6” heart block.  Free-form construction creates unique blocks.   Each block is constructed using 2 different fabrics for the hearts and a background fabric.  The same fabrics may be used for all the blocks or may vary from block to block, which emphasizes the scrappiness of the quilt.  Sashing between the blocks is optional but can provide a unifying element.  

The quilt pictured is constructed of fabric scraps in 2 contrasting colors with a consistent background.   The requirements  below are for a 25-block baby quilt as shown. This is a easy quilt to make and you’ll be amazed at how fast it goes together.

Fabric Requirements:  

·         Hearts:

o   Scrappy:  50 3¼”x 6¼” rectangles   

o   2 Colors:  ½ yard of each color.

·         Background:

o   Scrappy:  50 3½”x7” rectangles.

o   1 Fabric:  1 yard

·         Sashing: 3/4 yard

·         Corner Stones:  1/8 yard

·         Border:  ½ yard

·         Binding:  ½ yard


·         Hearts: Cut 50 3¼”x6¼” rectangles.  If using 2 colors, cut 25 from each color.  If using scraps, cut 25 from lighter fabrics and 25 from darker fabrics.  (Contrast between the 2 rectangles in each heart add to the visual appeal of the finished quilt.)

·         Background:  If using a single background fabric, cut 50 3½”x7” rectangles plus 26 3½” squares cut in half diagonally.  If using scraps for the background fabric you will need 2 rectangles and 1 square. Cut in half diagonally, for each block.

·         Sashing:  Cut 71 6½”x1½” strips

·         Corner Stones”  Cut 72 1½” squares

·         Border:  Cut 5 3½” strips

Supplies:  In addition to the normal quilting gear, bring a 6 ½” square ruler for squaring your blocks.


Level: Open to Anyone

Fee: $ 30

Instructor: Edna Ray